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October 3rd, 2012 § 2 comments

I’ve wanted to blog about Zensho Japanese Restaurant for the longest time {even before this food blog ;) } but I never got around to doing it. For one, I never took photos of all the times we’ve eaten there. I was always so hungry that I forget. Admit it, that happens to you too?!!

Zensho is one of those eat-all-you-can Japanese restaurants. You may be rolling your eyes but believe me when I say that Japanese food is not my favorite cuisine of all time even after my one week craving for katsu and furai just recently. It’s actually Italian. Anyway, what makes it different from Sambo Kojin, Yakimix and all the others is this one is buffet style but you never have to stand up and leave your seat to get food. The dishes are brought to your table. And there is no buffet spread and the works. You order anything on the eat-all-you-can menu, they cook it and bring to you. You can order as many sushi or tempura you want and they’ll cook it all fresh from the grill, wok or whatever.

Here are some of our favorites…

The main dining hall

Eat-all-you-can menu includes bottomless drinks (choice of Pandan tea or Regular Iced Tea) and dessert.

There are also 2 or 3 Teppan grills and you can ask to be seated there but we prefer to stay as far from it as possible. You know what I mean about the smell of food sticking to your hair and clothes. Private rooms are also available.

For starters, we had crab sticks (my son’s fave), Crunchy California Maki and Oyster Motoyaki which is the family’s favorite and perhaps one of the reasons we come back here regularly. The resto serves fresh oysters cooked any way you want. This particular lunch, I had Oysters Motoyaki, Oyster Teppanyaki and Oyster Furai. You can never have too many oysters. ;)

20121003-081203.jpgSukiyaki cut beef fresh from the grill

oyster motoyakiOyster Motoyaki

US Steak Beef

tempuraTempura and Ika Fry

oyster furaiOyster Furai

cha sobaCha Soba which is also a favorite. I always have two of this when we dine here.

oyster teppanOyster Teppanyaki

20121003-081300.jpgWhat your table looks like when everything is brought to your table.

It’s best to call ahead and reserve a table especially during the weekend.

168 Tomas Morato Ave.
South Triangle, Quezon City
(02) 929-1069

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