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January 30th, 2012 § 2 comments

I’ve read a lot of good reviews about Chef Tatung’s and most recent of which was Ken’s of Certified Foodies.  Since he loved the food, I might as well take his word for it.  And you know what, I’m glad I did.

So I called the troop and told them to dress up as we were having lunch somewhere.  My son wanted Japanese food which he obviously won’t be getting that day and my little girl wanted to stay home and watch cartoons.  But I told them to get their butts moving as I was hungry.  They had no choice.  This is just one of the perks of being the only adult in the house.  They have no choice but to follow you.  Or else…

So off we went to Sikatuna Village.  I didn’t have any trouble finding the place.  Although I’m not a resident, I know UP, Teacher’s and Sikatuna villages like the back of my hand.

We got there before lunchtime so we were the first ones again.  There’s an ongoing construction at the front of the house that would soon be a parking lot for guests and patrons.  So it seems business is doing good.  That’s a sign that food at Chef Tatung’s is really good.  And we were right.

Chef Tatung’s serves Filipino food with a twist.  It’s surprising to know that Chef Tatung never went to a culinary school.  He’s self-taught and dishes he serves at his resto home are heirloom recipes he tweaked a bit.  So what you get are traditional dishes made even more flavorful and more appetizing.

MG at Chef Tatung’s Garden Cafe

chicken-sisigChicken Sisig Lettuce Wraps with Mango Sauce

I love this dish. It really tasted like Pork Sisig complete with ginger and onions. But what I loved best was the mango sauce. It was sweet and tangy at the same time. Perfect combination.


chef-tatungs-fried-riceChef Tatung’s Fried Rice

tamarind-glazed-butterflied-tilapiaTamarind-Glazed Butterflied Tilapia

My son loved this dish. The fish was big so we didn’t get to finish it. The skin was crispy that MG thought it was chicharon.

chicken-in-roasted-coconut-ginger-sauceChicken in Roasted Coconut and Yellow Ginger Sauce

I love that the chicken was grilled and there was cilantro. I love any dish with cilantro.

Kids thought I made the right decision to eat at Chef Tatung’s.

Done here but look at the left-overs. The serving here is big. The waiter said that dishes are good for 3-4 persons but judging from what they served, portions can serve a family of 5 or even 6.  We were so full that there was no more room for dessert.


I love the cafe interior as well.  There’s a lot of interesting knick-knacks in every corner.

 an old camera

miniature “baul”

 I don’t know what this is but sure looks scary.  Perhaps, some demi-god.

 a pair of ancient shoes

Main dining area at Chef Tatung’s Garden Cafe

MG with Chef Tatung

Looking forward to another lunch here and try out other dishes such as the Adobo Bisaya, Slow Roasted Pork Sinigang, Shrimp Okoy and of course, the Halo-Halo and Warm Tsoknut Chocolate Cake for dessert.


17 Matipid St. Sikatuna Village, Quezon City
Tel nos. (632)3526121 / 09158463234

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