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cheeseburger in a soup

November 11th, 2011 § 2 comments

I’m on week two of something called a lazy time for me which I suspect would go on for another week or two.  I’m just so damn tired these days and everyday.  Chores don’t seem to end and I am forced to prioritize work over home, eating food plucked straight from the kitchens of  McDonald’s Jollibee, Kenny Rogers and KFC, sleeping late and thanking God everyday that I don’t have one of those Software Engineer Jobs where skills in Math and analysis are needed.  I’m just so physically drained and so brain dead, I can’t think anymore.

But this spell was broken today as I was in the mood for soup.  And what better time to try Peachy’s cheeseburger soup than now.  Or in this case, just awhile ago…

But I used lean ground pork instead of beef here.  I wanted to stay true to the recipe but we’re kinda avoiding beef these days.  I’m actually watching my cholesterol level and have been eating oats for two weeks now.  Plus my sister doesn’t eat beef.

So not to congratulate myself too enthusiastically, I think I succeeded even though I tinkered with the recipe a bit.  Proof? Everyone had second bowl of this hearty soup.  Not only does this soup have everything in it (protein,vegetable, milk, dairy and other goodness), it is one recipe you can experiment with.

I’ll try chicken next time.

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